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i-padIt’s been a busy week in search engine optimization.  The iPad is on the move, AdWords is working to become even more powerful and Facebook is making changes.  This points to a new trend in SEO.  The old way of doing things is out, and everyone is looking to the future.

Apple’s iPad was the biggest story of the week.  The WiFi model is now available to the public, and it has received mixed reviews.  While the reviews are mixed, one thing is certain.  Businesses need to utilize the devise’s platform in order to increase their sales.  Right now, Google is the search engine of choice on the iPad.  Google didn’t stop there, though.  The search engine giant also made new products designed specifically for the iPad.   The iPad, along with the products created by Google, can help businesses increase their visibility.  Click here for full story

In more iPad news, Google’s AdWords can now be displayed on the iPad.  When people set up their AdWords campaign, they can select “all mobile devices” so their campaign will display on the iPad.  This is just one more way companies are getting ready for the changes that will come with the iPad.  If your AdWords’ campaign is limited to computers, you are missing out.

That is not the only change AdWords has recently made.  Now, there is an “optimized for mobile” interface available with AdWords. This service allows people to check their statistics while on the go.  People can stay plugged into their campaigns, no matter where they are. They can make adjustments and gauge their campaign’s effectiveness, even when they are in the car.  When you use Google’s AdWords, you need to stay on top of your campaign. Now, that is easier than ever before.  Click here for full story

Facebook was also in the news again this week.  Recently, Facebook underwent some privacy changes. These changes caused a great deal of confusion to web surfers.  Now, though, Facebook is trying to offer a better explanation of what these changes mean.  The changes can actually enhance the Facebook experience by making it even more interactive.  Companies that use Facebook for their business will have a greater reach because of these changes.  It is important for businesses to familiarize themselves with the “new Facebook” so they can understand how it will impact them.   Click here for full story

This week in search engine marketing shows the industry is ready to push forward.  The iPad has changed the rules, and everyone is scrambling to be the face of tomorrow instead of today.  AdWords and Facebook are looking for ways to become more relevant, and everyone wants to be a part of the next big thing.  The easiest way to become the next big thing is to stay on top of the SEO news.  Find out how the industry is changing, and learn how to incorporate those changes into your marketing campaign.
Stay tuned for next week’s SEO wrap up.  Find out what’s in, what’s out and what is changing in the world of search engine optimization.

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