Branding is more than just paying somebody for a logo; it’s more than just having custom letterhead, though both are essential to branding. Knowing your brand is about knowing where you stand as a company, and knowing how to most effectively portray that stance to the general public. As such, it is my opinion that the question of brand is one of the most important questions that entrepreneurs must ask. Really, though, it all starts with a simple question.

I wonder if athletes training debate whether to go for a World Record and gold medal in one area, or be the World’s Greatest Athlete and get a gold medal for a group of areas? I mean, on the one hand you probably end up as the greatest at one or a small handful of events. On the other, you are able to complete a wide variety of events with amazing ability. So which is best?

In a recent article on, author Geoffrey James mentioned eight things that bosses want from their employees. As I was reading the article, it occurred to me: Aren’t these the eight things that customers want from the businesses they deal with as well?

Here are my (modified) eight points, in the spirit of the aforementioned Geoffrey James article: