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by Nathan S

This post is a direct response to Tamara’s post: “Is Your Next Level Marketing?” I felt it would be a good idea to expound a bit more on her third point: “Really now: Are you ready to grow?”

See, marketing is one of those things which everybody tends to understand is necessary for becoming a successful business. In today’s fast-paced, constantly-connected society, this means utilizing both traditional and online marketing techniques in order to reach as many potential customers as possible. As the pace of business increases, the ability to hold people’s attention decreases. This is what makes online marketing a necessity, as it is often online where most people search for information about prospective buys.

However, what typically gets forgotten in the process of marketing a business is how to support a business’s new clientele. Marketing, after all, is not the product which the customer is buying, and all the marketing in the world is going to have a hard time competing with a bad business reputation. Obviously, chances are, if you are seeking to market your business, you already have a good product or service, and you are looking to expand an existing client base.

So… what’s your plan when your client base does, inevitably, expand? This, I think, is the question which most businesses fail to answer before launching a marketing campaign (to sometimes devastating results). I am not sure what it is: they assume the marketing campaign won’t yield results, or they assume it will not yield enough results for them to have to change the way they do business in order to meet the new needs, or if they just, quite simply, don’t think that far ahead.

Whatever the reason, it can yield a major headache down the line if this question goes unanswered. You need to know how the growth is going to happen in order to handle the broadening client base. Failure to figure that out will result in disgruntled customers, old and new, and will typically leave a black mark on your reputation. Sometimes, businesses manage to roll with things just well enough that this doesn’t occur, but not having an expansion plan more often than not backfires when a marketing campaign is launched.

Does this mean that you should never consider marketing, then? Of course not! Just make sure you are ready and have planned for the associated growth, first.

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