Content is king. We know it, you know it, and your site visitors know it. Without compelling content, your site won’t convert no matter how beautiful the design is, so it’s important to have things that visitors wish to interact with when they arrive. While there’s a myriad of ways to entice visitors to click, we’ve found that the below seven types of content knock it out of the park every time.

When someone you meet types in that URL, what are they going to see? Is it going to reflect everything that you talked about in your little 30-second speech? Is it going to portray the same level of professionalism, and is it going to make perfectly clear what it is your company does? Does it interest, entice, and excite like this speech?

If you can answer these three basic questions, then writing for your audience is simply a matter of delivering the information they want, in a way that is both innovative and non-disruptive, in language that is both easily understandable and non-patronizing.