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No, I’m not a huge, die-hard Olympic fan. In fact, I am fairly certain I’ve missed most of the games and news the last few Olympic events. Why? Well…to be honest, I really couldn’t tell you why exactly. I have my guesses, but nothing’s for certain.

However, this year, what started off as a marketing project has turned into a slight fascination. See, I never understood how much effort and time went into the Olympics. Today, I’m just going to talk about the athletes, but there are so many more people involved:

You don’t show up excelling. You train to excel.
I saw an ad somewhere that suddenly made it click for me why the Olympics are so important to the athlete that participates. These athletes that arrive at the Olympics have been training for not just days, not just weeks, but months, and for most of them probably years.

I was talking with someone the other day and during the course of our conversation, I realized out loud that I’ve been writing for ten years. There have been moments of “less amounts” of writing and brief breaks, but on the average I’ve been consistently writing for ten years. I write nothing like I did when I first began writing, and that’s a good thing. Likewise, when I began writing, I didn’t have a book series on my hands overnight. It took years of writing to refine my skills and get all of my thoughts down. I didn’t have a book ready to be published pop into my hands one day; rather, my book is made up of years of work and time and ideas and more time.

What about your business? Unless you’re just starting off, your business didn’t just appear one warm night like a cool breeze. How many hours did you spend trying to come up with just how exactly the packaging for your product should come together? Or refining the process for handling customers?

You don’t get a second chance. This is your chance. So try!
It isn’t like they can just do the Olympics over again. If they are only involved in one summer event, that’s four more years until they can try again. Four years is a long time for an athlete. I won’t pretend to know very much, but I can’t imagine athletes can try a single summer or winter event many times. That means they have to train again, qualify again, and make it all the way back for a second chance.

This isn’t really applicable for a book on some levels, but for those that make one-time writing piece submissions, it is. There is a lot of pressure as you decide what piece to submit, or whether you will write a new one, and sometimes whether to participate at all. However, if you never submit, how will you know if you will succeed? Don’t let fear keep you from trying!

Now is the time to succeed! Look ahead.
Sort of like how you don’t get a second chance, but this is just another way to look at it: If these athletes hadn’t jumped on all the times they worked on their abilities, they would have missed the opportunity of the Olympics.

In the same fashion, if I hadn’t started writing ten years ago, I would have missed the opportunity to be an author now. And if I don’t continue to write now, I will miss the opportunity to publish more books in the future.

If you don’t put a little forethought into your business, you may miss opportunities ahead. Investing in your business now means reaping rewards later. Even if it is far down the road, the rewards will be there.

Be an Olympian business!
Laugh if you like, but without training, trying, and looking ahead, the medal cannot be won. Whether you’re an Olympian out to participate in the games, or a business owner looking to help your clients, or even an author looking to publish more books, it’s the same. So go win!

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