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by Nathan S

A recent analysis of over 4 million tweets, performed by BrightEdge, concludes with a very clear message: Having a Twitter share button can increase your social media exposure up to sevenfold.

BrightEdge, an SEO platform, published its results in the September issue of its SocialShare Analaysis. This report used 4 million randomly gathered tweets as its raw data, and from it drew some pretty striking conclusions.

27 Tweets vs. 4

First, the company was able to determine that companies which had Twitter share buttons on their websites were referenced in Tweets an average of 27 times. This is staggering compared to the average for companies without a Twitter share button: 4 times. This is just short of a sevenfold increase in exposure, through nothing more than:

  1. Having a Twitter account, and
  2. Putting it on your website.

Such is 100% free, and so you would think that the only companies not already on board with this idea are ones which either do not have websites or are simply not familiar with social media marketing.

Twitter: Still an Underutilized Tool

However, the truth is that there are actually quite a few companies which do not incorporate Twitter into their website. The analysis explains that only 53.6% of companies which have a website have a Twitter share button on their website. This means that there is an almost equal amount of websites getting 27 references on Twitter as there is getting 4. This constitutes a particularly compelling case for the benefits of social media marketing. While the quality of these comments may not necessarily lead to more customers, it is certainly worth considering. Positive exposure is always good, after all, and if you can increase that sevenfold anywhere I’d say you’re in a good place.

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