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Be In The Know About Web Accessibility

The internet is one of the most democratic places known to man. It’s accessible regardless of any attributes or incomes, and it’s a (mostly) free place where information is readily distributed. The simple fact that most target audiences interact with the internet in some way, shape, or form is exactly what makes digital marking so effective.

However, individuals with disabilities may have trouble accessing certain websites. While the Federal government is required to adhere to accessibility laws, private websites aren’t. Although it’s not mandated, businesses can optimize their online marketing efforts by making their website as accessible as possible. The following tips are a great place to start for businesses looking to boost their accessibility and digital marketing:

    • Include alt-text for images. Some viewers may find it difficult to interact with images. Thus, including alt-text is a great way to ensure accessibility.revbuilders-alt-text-web-design-tips


    • When using CAPTCHA, consider an audio option. CAPTCHA is useful for telling humans and computers apart and reducing spam, but people who have trouble with visuals will find CAPTCHA nearly impossible to handle – even persons with full ability have trouble with it. Audio will help make it easier.revbuilders-captcha-audio-web-design


    • Ensure the text and background colors are distinct. Remember that colorblind people are interacting with digital marketing efforts as well. Take care to select appropriate colors for text and background. In particular, no or very limited reverse text (light text on a dark background), and make sure that the text and background are far enough apart in color to be easily readable.revbuilders-background-content-contrast-web-design


  • If possible, try to make the site accessible without a mouse. Not everybody on the internet is able to use a mouse, so it’s a good idea to build a website that can be used without one if necessary.revbuilders-coding-accessability-web-design

To make online marketing successful with those who are disabled, consider web accessibility evaluation tools to ensure reaching the maximum number of people possible. This is helpful step for business; when improving web accessibility, the reach of online marketing is extended, which ultimately leads to increased profits.

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