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Warning_Change_Aheadby Tamara R.

It’s been an interesting few weeks for myself, I can tell you that. September has just sort of whizzed by me, most of it spent in agony either from migraine-symptoms or due to lack of sleep (because I had so much energy once I recovered from the migraine that I actually could not fall asleep, and for a few days now I’ve just been awake, despite wanting sleep).

However – I am better! So that is that.

Now, Facebook. Seems there’s been a lot of changes lately, but I have yet to hear anyone that sounds thrilled about the changes. In fact, I’ve seen more posted complaints about Facebook than anything. But the more amazing part to me? Despite how much people don’t seem to like the Facebook changes, they continue to use Facebook.


Well, firstly, that’s where everyone is. It will take a huge exodus from Facebook before people will begin to cease to use it. Not everyone may use Facebook, but those that use an online social program will find their friends on Facebook, and their friends’ friends are on Facebook, and so forth.

But secondly, people are resistant to change – Scot tells me this all the time. Even when we want it to happen, or know it should happen, change is a difficult thing. We like it to be the same, we like predictable, and we like easy to use or do.

On the other hand, we also know that change happens. And change, again, isn’t necessarily a bad thing. So…Facebook has changed. And continues to change. What are you doing to learn about it?

RevMan_To_RescueHere are just some quick articles I read that seemed relevant and helpful, whether for changes that have already happened, or that will happen to your Facebook soon. Keep in mind that all information, especially on the internet, needs to be taken with smallest bit of wariness, on the off-chance that it is an unreliable source. These didn’t seem to go that way, but it’s still good to be aware:

  • “Facebook Changes Again: Everything You Need to Know”
  • “Five Facebook Changes And What You Need To Know”
  • “What the New Facebook Changes Mean for Businesses”
  • I always recommend you do your own research as well, but these might help you get a headstart into learning about the changes Facebook is making. RevBuilders is also always researching and writing blogs and articles that will further help you consider all the different facets of Facebook, the pros and cons of the changes, and how to best implement social marketing for business purposes. If you have any questions at all, let us know!

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    Tamara Schaad

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