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Now, I’m kind of curious what some of you think of Facebook? You’ve had about a year to get used to the new timeline format. Like it? Dislike it? Stronger feelings than that?

I personally like most of the timeline layout. I love the massive cover picture. It’s hard for companies when they want to design something that looks nice, but I simply love the look of a good photo or design up at the top. Other than that, my only real complaint is probably the fact that any posts to someone’s wall can get lost in the little small box in the message-portion in the upper-right side. I’ve noticed a few times when people have posted to my wall, I click on my notifications but don’t have time to read through everything, and then when I go back I can’t remember all of the messages sent. It’s kind of crazy!

This aside, I like the changes to Facebook. And back when the changes were happening, I was excited about it too. Nervous, granted. Maybe a little miffed that I had to re-learn stuff. But learning is a blast for me, and I was ready for the change.

However, I was probably the exception rather than the norm in terms of a reaction to Facebook changes – I remember most people complaining about the changes.

Change happens. We can resist it, we can fight it (often to our own detriment), but change happens nonetheless. So, I’ve heard some recent reports of (gasp) more changes to social media outlets. These don’t sound as drastic as the timeline update for Facebook, but there are still changes. There always will be changes.

So how are you going to react to the next change in the online world? Because it changes. Almost daily at this point.

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