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by Becky O.them_poster_01

It always takes me a little while to get my brain flowing with ideas of what to write. Today I started my brainstorming by writing down every word I could think of that rhymes with ‘blog’. I was 13 words in before I knew what I was going to say.

Did you know that “tog” is a word? It is a transitive verb meaning: to dress especially in fine clothing – usually used with up or out.

I worked with our copywriters and assigned some of the writing for the month of July. I researched and brainstormed some ideas for content writing for Connor’s Pest Protection. Being from North Carolina, I am fortunately not so familiar with the pests of northern Virginia. In order for me to come up with content ideas for a pest company that services Virginia, I talked with Tamara and Scot, who are a little more familiar with the pests of the area.

Fire ants are a big pest farther south, so I have been surprised not to have encountered them in my time in here. Wow, what a blessing not to have to deal with one of my least favorite insects. However, there is the trade off that down in Charlotte, we don’t see very many stink bugs, a favorite of Virginians, for sure! Thankfully, we don’t have any of “Them!” on our hands.

After some shared horror stories of stink bugs, fire ants, and other pests, I was able to generate quite a few ideas for content for Connor’s. There’s nothing like office bonding over a good bug story! We’ll have to wait and see what tomorrow holds for story time…

Blog, log, smog, fog, dog, bog, nog, clog, flog, hog, jog, pog, frog, tog – my 13 words. Okay, I know “pog” isn’t technically a word, but it is a favorite childhood game, so I had to include it.

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