Now that we’re coming to the end of 2013, it’s a great time to look forward to the next year and think about what incredible design trends we’ll be seeing in the upcoming months. Of course, nobody has a crystal ball when it comes to seeing into the minds of designers and guessing the needs and wants of users, but here’s a list of what our experts believe we’ll be looking at (literally) in 2014!

Many assume that web design and SEO are completely separate parts of a company’s online marketing campaign. However, SEO and web design actually go hand in hand. When your web designer is creating your website, there are many elements that he or she can work with to maximize SEO. By integrating SEO into your web design, you will be able to ensure that your website improves in search rankings and is found by more users.

The consumer is rapidly changing how traditional advertising happens. They determine how they will engage, share and connect. This does not mean traditional advertising is dead. Just evolving.

As you deliver your message through traditional advertising platforms, and interest & connection are created the question becomes – are you able to continue the relationship and truly engage them via the media of their choice?

One Neilson study found that 68% of tablet users and 63% of smartphone users report using their device while watching television. Multi-screen usage is already extremely popular, and it’s only increasing.

This is your opportunity to capture more information and build a two way relationship in which the consumer feels in control. A huge key to advertising success today!

Enhance your traditional advertising campaigns by creating URL-specific landing pages. Deliver relevant content that is convincing and reflects your advertising message. Obtain new channels of communication with interested parties, and provide them the ability to share the benefits of your business within their own social circles, increasing your reach and creating more lead & sales

Use these new channels of communication to provide more resources from your business. Then analyze your interested demographics, and adjust your market strategy based upon detailed reports.

Start a better conversation with Digital Multi-Screen Solutions from RevBuilders.

An integrated marketing plan is the holy grail of just about any business and the goal of every marketing professional. Just what is such a plan, and how is it put together?  Essentially, it is a comprehensive strategy in terms of marketing that incorporates the best of online and offline media, making them reinforce each

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