Whitespace gives people think space. That means that a company that uses whitespace takes a risk that the customer will decide that they either don’t need what the company offers, or would prefer to get it somewhere else. It represents the low-pressure salesperson in the online world.

Of course, even if we take away the SEO impact, you don’t have to go far to find people claiming that Flash is either obsolete or on its way to becoming obsolete. These people point to the new HTML5 as the reason that Flash will soon be disappearing, and this is not wholly unfounded. With Adobe having given up on Flash for mobile devices, and with mobile web traffic poised to exceed PC traffic by 2014, there is reason to believe Adobe will soon give up on Flash altogether.

In web design and online marketing, the concept of having a website which draws repeat visitors is often referred to as “stickiness.” This bit of jargon can also be used as an adjective, as in, “How sticky is your website?” A website that causes someone to come back has some quality which “sticks” with the person, which is how this concept got its name. So if someone tells you they want to make your website stickier, they don’t mean that they want to cover your servers in glue. What they’re looking to do is make your website interesting and active enough for someone to come back to it again and again.

Let me start by stating the obvious: Your webpage is one of the most significant determinants to your online presence. If you do not have a blog and do not participate in social media as a business, it’s your entire online presence. As such, I don’t think you and I need to debate too long as to the importance of having a good website. A good website—one in which time has been invested—will improve your online presence, which will lead to your company having a better reputation, which will lead to more business. So, how do you know if your webpage is doing its job? There are many different theories on what makes a website look “pretty,” but many people are in agreement on the following things that no site should ever do.