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RevBuilders welcomes you to 2012!(Also known as “Ack! I’m out of blogs already? Er, I mean, welcome to 2012!”)
by Tamara S.

So, I’ll be honest here – I was totally spoiled by my nearly month-ahead planning of blog posts. I had written everything ahead of time to the point that I became kind of complacent about blog writing, since hey, I already had one done so why worry about it? Except that of course, I wrote a finite number of blog posts, and lo and behold, I have reached the end. I do have other blogs started, but they are nowhere near finished enough to post in time for today.

However, I decided that instead of just skipping Friday and pretending that nothing happened, I would accept responsibility and write a last-minute “I’m sorry folks for forgetting to write a blog” post.

Alright, spur of the moment topic – New Year’s Resolutions!

That’s right. Cringe. Or make another bazillion health goals at the sheer mention of “New Year’s Resolutions,” I have met those people too. So take a breath and don’t go running in fear or charging off in ambition. Stay with me, this’ll just take a moment.

New Year’s Resolutions can be blown out of proportion both ways, but in reality they provide an opportunity to refresh yourself to face the new year and strive towards goals once again. (I talked about this a little in my last post, actually). People need reminders, encouragement, restarts, and refreshers to get back: on track; on the road; on the plane; and on the run, and go once again. No matter how far we did (or didn’t) get last year, New Year’s Resolutions provide us a recognized moment to catch our breath and go at life again.

For me, I found out that goals weren’t really adequate New Year’s Resolutions for myself. I make goals throughout the year, so doing a New Year’s Resolution wasn’t particularly interesting or different. Instead, I made the discovery of trying to do a yearly “theme” and applying it my life. Many years ago I started with the theme “Open and Honest.” I’m a story-teller, and I was beginning to develop the bad habit of telling stories even in my day-to-day life, stretching and tweaking and twisting till what I was saying reflected not what actually occurred, but what I wanted to imagine life to be. I was never outright fibbing for my own personal gain, but I was definitely beginning to lie just to tell a good tale.

So, stricken with this terrible habit I had developed, and convicted that I wanted to speak only the truth (even if I do love to share a good story!), I started one year with the theme “Open and Honest.” It became my saying, my mantra for myself, and in fact I found myself muttering out loud when I caught myself starting to tell a story to an unbeknownst listener. It was terribly painful, too, because of the word “open” in there – I told myself I would be completely open with people. So if you ask me my life’s story, I will tell you everything – the good, the bad, the ugly, the really ugly – all of it, but I will do it to my utmost and honest memory. Painful, painful, painful, I tell you! And invigorating, and revitalizing, and freeing

It was so painfully good that I’m doing it again! This year, it is “Contentment and Satisfaction.”

In a materialistic world, this is kind of a scary thing to attempt. I’m also a really selfish person – I like my stuff, and I like to have stuff and get stuff and horde over my precious stuff. My preciouses….

In all seriousness, it will be a difficult year with this theme. I’ve already caught myself complaining about things that really aren’t worth complaining about. For instance, breakfast foods. I’m a picky breakfast food eater (despite the fact that I’m not a particularly picky eater in general). But I find that certain breakfast foods will give me the shakes, I’ll be hungry before it’s even snack time or, more often than not, I will become nauseous. I was whining the other day about the fact that I really don’t like such and such breakfast food. And then I had to stop myself. Considering the lives across the world, considering the millions – or billions, perhaps? – of others who have less or nothing at all for their breakfast, let alone any meal that day – how dare I complain about the fact that I don’t like this food as much as this food for my breakfast meal.

This might seem harsh, but in our “buy it now or be left behind!” culture, in our society of instant gratification and more, I become lulled into a complaining state of “I don’t want that, I want this, and I want it now” mindset. Therefore, I’m taking myself by the reins, and I’m going to find “Contentment and Satisfaction” right where I’m at in my life.

But…to point back to my earlier comments, “Contentment and Satisfaction” do not mean Dormancy and Slothfulness in any way. I am going to be content and satisfied with life, but I am also going to strive forward, reaching new goals and stretches of land. I might achieve a little, I might achieve lot – just as long as I’m pushing ahead, that will be fine with me. And I will learn “Contentment and Satisfaction” through it.

Whew. For not having anything ready for a blog post, I had a lot of thoughts! Tell me about your New Year’s Resolutions – what sort of goals and milestones are you reaching for in 2012? Have you ever had a yearly resolution-theme before?

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Tamara Schaad

Writing has been a long-time love of mine, and RevBuilders offers me a wide variety of opportunities to hone my skills in written communication. I also love making plans and processes, and to serve both our team and our customers in a number of ways, making sure that everyone involved in the day-to-day operations is happy.