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Why do your customers like you (or your business, which in some cases can be almost synonymous)?
Why do they like doing business with you? Why do they come back?SEO Company
If these questions cannot be answered with any confidence, this might be the time to think of how to give customers a more pleasurable shopping experience.

Giving Shoppers What They Love

It’s a fact that shoppers love discounts, bonuses, and freebies. Always be thinking creatively of ways to offer such perks to customers. For example, if thus and so is purchased, a bonus is included. Or if a certain deadline is met, a discount is offered. The possibilities are endless, and the internet makes it simple, easy and expedient.

Use such social media sites as Twitter to feature the weekly special and items on sale. Send eye-pleasing emails to your leads list (this should be the VIP list) of “unadvertised” specials. Freebies can also be posted on your FaceBook Fan Page.

Creating that VIP list is one of the best ways to make a customer feel special. These are the individuals who are the first recipients of clearance sales and deep discounts. This is a key strategy to enhance the shopping experience.

Give Away a Free E-Book or Report

Consider writing a report or e-book which serves to educate customers and potential customers about the various aspects of your business. Give the report or e-book away as a freebie. Offer the freebie through the website in exchange for contact information. (This is a great way to build up a leads list.) If you haven’t the time or skill for such an undertaking, consider contracting it out.

Take Advantage of Community Events

The business that takes part in community events can use the events to offer freebie items that are coupled with product discount coupons. This is a great way to woo potential customers into your store or place of business.

None of these strategies are expensive, nor are they particularly time-consuming. But it does take creative thinking and planning. Never pass up an opportunity to make your customers happy

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