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Here it is: My last blog for RevBuilders Marketing, at least to my knowledge. It may turn out that Scot brings me back on as a contractor while I am in school, but it seems more proper to me to assume that this is my goodbye post. As a goodbye post, I feel it is fitting for me to offer some sort of concluding thought that I feel can help small business owners out there, and in fact, I believe I should try to provide something more universally applicable. Here is my attempt: You can decide whether or not I succeeded.

Fear Is Good, Until You Act on It

I have heard many say that fear is a bad thing, because it discourages you from following the path that you really want to do. I’ve also heard many say that fear is a good thing, because it encourages you to consider the practical ramifications of high-risk paths, and enables you to manage risk successfully. However, I think that the truth is something of a hybrid. I believe that fear should never stop someone from pursuing what they are convinced they were put on this earth to do, but at the same time, that fear is what keeps us from becoming complacent in our passions.

Fear of failure is a powerful motivator, and can get us through the particularly dry seasons of our lives. However, acting on fear is almost always a bad move, because fear points us towards the safest path we can find. That path of least resistance is almost always at odds with our passions in some way, and what fear seems to be saying to us is that we want too much, and therefore need to accept less happiness in exchange for a more secure and fruitful life. In short, we sacrifice our freedom in exchange for security. This is a bad deal for anyone who accepts it. You will certainly not be as afraid any more, but you will also likely not be doing the work that matters to you, resulting in misery from other sources. No, it is better to embrace the fear, and acknowledge it for what it is: Confirmation that you are carefully considering your path, and confirmation that you seem to be going in exactly the right direction.

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