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It may be the economy, or the high gas prices, or the busyness of everyday life – whatever the reason online coupons seem to be one of the hottest things going.  The smart business owner will sit up and take notice.  This is too easy and too simple a marketing strategy to ignore.

Shoppers Searching for Discounts

Statistics show that people looking for online coupons jumped from 10 million in 2005 to 36 million in 2008.  That’s a huge market in anyone’s viewpoint.

If online shopping is on the increase – and it is – then it only stands to reason that discount searching will be on the increase as well.  Consumers are searching for online discounts in numerous ways.  Some use general web searches, others use social media, while still others are using hand-held devices such as their mobile phones.

As the overall cost of living continues to rise, consumers are relentless in their search for bargains and discounts.  This has caused many “online coupon businesses” to spring up and they are flourishing.

Customer Engagement

Since social media marketing places so much emphasis on customer engagement, this is certainly an ideal way to make that happen.  With a little creativity and ingenuity, any business owner can use coupons to not only engage the shopper, but lead him or her deeper into a relationship.  This might include drawing shoppers to a landing page or website.  Some sites ask that a simple survey be filled out before taking the visitor to the coupon page.  The key is to engage, but not create too many hoops that much be jumped before procuring the discount coupon.

Paradigm Shift

For brick-and-mortar businesses, this may take a bit of a paradigm shift in thinking.  Especially, if Internet marketing isn’t a key part of the marketing strategy.  However, if online coupons must be redeemed inside the store, this could result in new foot traffic that would not have happened otherwise.

Knowing about, and understanding this trend should be enough to convince any business owner to at least explore the possibilities on making use of online coupons.

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