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Search Engine Roundtable and other industry news sites continue to follow the impact of Google’s 2017 Fred update, and RevBuilders is here to help sites rebuild or renew SEO strategies.

In a poll of more than 800 users, Search Engine Roundtable notes that 46 percent of site owners and operators believe they were hit by the Google Fred update. That’s compared to 37 percent who said they saw no impact and 16 percent who were unsure. Sites hit by the update are reporting lower traffic and poorer performance in Google ranking after the March 8 algorithm update.

The Fred update wasn’t officially confirmed by Google until later in March, and the SERP seems loathe to talk too much about it. The changes seemed to hit specific types of sites hardest: Reviews of sites that suddenly saw down trends in performance indicated that content-driven pages such as blogs were at risk, especially if they had a high level of ad placement.

The purpose of the Fred update seems to be to better target sites that are created to drive AdSense or similar revenues without offering true benefit for the reader. These types of sites tend to have a low ratio of useful or quality content to advertisements; site owners might recycle content, pay fractions of a cent per word for churned content or not update content on a regular basis.

As RevBuilders Marketing points out, unfortunately, as with all Google updates, some legitimate content is getting caught in the net. Content-driven sites with an unfortunate number of ads could see downward trends in performance, even if the site does provide a genuine benefit for users. The change in traffic isn’t small for those hit, either. In March, sites reported as high as 50 to 90 percent organic traffic losses in a single night after the update supposedly rolled out.

In the wake of the Fred update, some sites were able to see marked recovery by removing numerous ads or restructuring advertisements and monetization schemes on the site. When working with SEO, it’s always important to monitor performance and test changes to content, architecture, ads and other site elements, as search engines are constantly tweaking algorithms and rankings.

RevBuilders offers proven tools and services for staying on top of the SEO game. With reporting tools, DIY services and comprehensive packages that include web design, SEO and content generation, site owners don’t have to worry constantly about the impact of ever-changing SERP algorithms.

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