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The history of search engine optimization is important enough to spark a documentary, making it critical for site owners and operators to gear up for SEO strategy.

An SEO pro has launched an online movie about the history of search engine optimization, beginning in the 1990s and following internet marketing and optimization through today. The documentary, called SEO: The Movie, originally hit the web in Oct. 2017 and has since garnered a mixed reception.

Among other things, the movie covers the development of SEO and affiliate marketing, how that played a role in the overall development of the industry, the impact of Google and the ever-present drama of Google algorithm changes and how that affected brands in the niche. The movie isn’t a how-to piece. Instead, it’s a history and culture piece that illustrates exactly where and how the growth of SEO has shaped online marketing.

The documentary is peppered with stories from brand leaders and pioneers, about both the struggles and victories they experienced over the past 20 years. Rand Fishkin, for example, discusses the early obstacles his company faced with profitabiltiy and how they recovered from that. Rae Hoffman tells a story about receiving her first affiliate marketing check and how that single check was more than her husband made in an entire year at that time.

Some critics note that the film leaves out important elements and doesn’t include interviews with some of the people most critical in the development of the SEO we know today. It also concentrates mainly on search engine optimization in the United States. That’s expected, given that the film is only 40 minutes long and the history of SEO to this point spans almost a quarter century. Some people are hoping for a second movie that provides additional information.

What the film does provide is a foundational understanding of the evolution of SEO in that quarter century. Understanding where the strategy came from and how it developed overtime helps online marketers and brands launch better strategies and keep up with future changes.

RevBuilders has been in the SEO niche almost since the beginning and has watched SEO evolve through many of the changes discussed in the movie. That first-hand experience, coupled with a commitment to service and excellence, lets the RevBuilders team help brands position themselves for success online

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