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At the simplest level, the Hummingbird update is a complete replacement of the current search algorithm. There have been reports to its launching last month up to a few months ago. At its core, the update is expanding the use of the Knowledge Graph and trying to help the search engine understand your intent or relationships between concepts as opposed to a simple matching of keywords in your websites or documents. In my opinion, Google wants to think for you – how scary it that?what is the Google hummingbird update?

Why is Google doing this and where do they want to go with search?

As more and more people are using their mobile devices for search and using the voice search for entering their queries it is becoming more and more natural. Google says the volume of more natural based searches is increasing. They are moving from “plumbers fairfax” to “Who is the best plumber in Fairfax to fix my leaky pipes in my kitchen.” The reason? People are using “dictation” applications, and most people would speak out their issue. It’s easiest and natural to use a phrase. If typing, instead, people take the shortest and easiest path: “plumbers fairfax.”

The “old algorithm” could not handle complex queries very well and the results showed. So the searchers learned to shorten the phrase and they saw results get better. The new Hummingbird update aims to start changing this. And it is not really new for Google – Matt Cutts said this on July 8, 2013.

What does this mean for online marketing efforts?

So if Google wants to be able to answer questions better, (which is the essence of Hummingbird update), then in your online marketing efforts, you had better become great at answering the questions your prospects are asking by delivering to them awesome content, (which would than lead to a new client). So, for those who have been doing online marketing right, you shouldn’t have to make many changes, perhaps only some tweaks or updates.

Some general digital marketing ideas in light of the new Hummingbird update:

  1. Add an FAQ section and update regularly;
  2. Answer Questions on your pages;
  3. Revisit your mobile strategy;
  4. Focus on answering questions in your articles that real, potential clients want answered;
  5. Promote all content on social networks;
  6. Answer question with Video and properly title in YouTube and other video sites.

In short, while the Hummingbird update provides some real changes to search, if you’ve been actively doing online marketing and doing it right, it should enhance prospects to find your website.

If you have any other questions, or if you’re interested in getting your digital marketing efforts rev’d up, contact RevBuilders Marketing.

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