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While “digital marketing” may be a newer term, people have been marketing for as long as there has been something to sell. And RevBuilders Marketing loves to help companies grow through marketing.

Digital marketing is our specialty. We are always researching the latest and greatest on the internet, and watching out for the well-being of our clients. You need more lead generation? We can do that. You need a stronger brand identity? We can design that. You need some marketing automation? We can set that up for you. Best of all, we take an integrated approach to digital marketing, creating an online marketing campaign that best suits your company’s needs.

Maybe you think all you need is a website. However, a beautiful website alone can’t grow your business. After all, how can visitors convert into paying customers if they can’t find your site in the first place? Low traffic and referrals could be the symptoms of a combination of things. At RevBuilders, we approach digital marketing with a comprehensive strategy that ensures your success.

Marketing encompasses many areas, but RevBuilders Marketing focuses on a few different areas that help expand your company’s reach and drive results: Strategy:
It takes a plan to succeed. With so many platforms that your brand is presented on, consumers will see a fragmented version of your brand – unless you invest in integrated marketing. At RevBuilders, we work to integrate every aspect of your brand and digital marketing services into a holistic representation of who you are. This vastly increases the likelihood of any message that you have resonating with consumers.

Social Media:
We highly encourage everyone to have at least one social media account. Social media reaches more people than any television network. At RevBuilders, we harness the strength of social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to give your business the recognition it deserves. But none of this just happens on its own. Through detailed planning and promotions, we ensure that your social media campaign is as powerful as possible and connects your brand with its audience. By integrating social media with the rest of your web presence, we’re able to create a unified online brand.

Email marketing is highly effective, but perhaps you don’t have time for it. However, you should make time for it: According to Hubspot, “74% of consumers prefer to receive commercial communications via email, 66% of consumers have made a purchase online as a result of an email marketing message, and email marketing as an ROI of 4,3000%.” You don’t have time to not do email marketing. We are here to help you create and manage your email marketing!

Content Promotion:
Did you know that 61 percent of consumers will view a company more favorably just because it delivers custom content? Through optimized content, we can establish your brand as a leader in its industry. You’ll enjoy the benefits of a positive online reputation as well as the traffic that content marketing drives.

Marketing Automation:
You’re busy. You want to be busier (that’s why you’re researching digital marketing solutions), but you also recognize that too much more work and you’ll be quickly overwhelmed by administrative tasks. And, honestly, some of those tasks aren’t as much fun or as rewarding as the other parts of your business. That’s where RevBuilders Marketing can offer help setting up marketing automation.

Looking for a specific type of marketing? RevBuilders Marketing focuses on a few types of marketing, and integrates these all into one internet marketing strategy. Search:
We take a holistic approach to internet marketing, one that drives targeted traffic immediately and over the long haul. Through search engine optimization, we give you the best ROI possible and utilize the strength of engines like Google. Paid search management provides immediate traffic from targeted sources. Our local SEO campaigns will help you thrive in your local market, and our SEO & paid search audits ensure that every campaign unfolds according to plan. With so many critical components to internet marketing, our team at RevBuilders focuses on bringing all the pieces together to grow your business online.

Design, development, mobile-friendly, e-commerce, and even just website maintenance and management – you ask, we offer it. In an age when most people are found online, every business must have a website. Additionally, more and more people are searching the internet on their mobile devises, so mobile website design – also known as responsive web design – is becoming critical to the effectiveness of a website.

We can do everything from blog posts to press releases to web content, and even provide the content for your email marketing or videos. As search engines update their algorithms, good, quality content becomes more and more important, as does fresh content on a website.

Need to create or update your brand? How about create an infographic or a video for a new product? We can do that too. The visual identity of your business is highly important, and consistency across all medias is just as vital. Having a professional, relevant brand design is a large facet of having an integrated marketing strategy for a business.

With so many components to digital marketing, it can be confusing to know how to navigate the online landscape of marketing. RevBuilders Marketing is dedicated to our clients’ success, and we tailor each integrated marketing program and campaign to each company’s needs. We specialize in internet marketing and marketing automation so you don’t have to..

RevBuilders can help increase your web traffic, generate more leads and boost sales through integrated marketing services.

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