Social Media.

The Power and Potential

Social media marketing is the “new kid on the block” when it comes to advertising and marketing. And quite truthfully, it has taken many business owners totally unaware. Social media marketing—as the name implies—offers a way in which a business name and persona gains exposure via social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.

Many businesses are unaware of the power and potential that lies within this marketing strategy. Some are unaware that such a thing as social media marketing even exists! Many social media sites began as informal information exchanges for college-age-users. In short, no one used to take social media seriously. Not anymore!

All that has changed. Radically changed. It’s difficult to fully grasp the scope of social media – but these statistics help paint the picture:

Facebook has over a billion users worldwide.

Twitter users average 190 million tweets per day.

2.9 billion hours are spent on on YouTube per month.

The average number of pictures uploaded to Flickr is 3,000 per minute.

If this sounds like something that needs to be explored more thoroughly with regard to your marketing program, our advice is that you not attempt to navigate these waters alone. If not done correctly, social media marketing could prove to be damaging rather than promotional. For instance, this is definitely not the place for overt selling. It is very different from the old-school-type of advertising.

Let RevBuilders show you how Social Media Marketing can infuse a fresh spark into your business and take your online exposure to an entirely new level!

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