Davis Vision Therapy

Case Study.

  • Challenge.

    When Dr. Todd Davis decided to initiate the re-branding his practice, he was concerned with keeping the existing ideals in tact, while also providing a revamped impression to accommodate a new partner, and vision therapist. In addition, Dr. Davis was very concerned with increasing his online presence, espcially through organic search.

  • Solution.

    Dr. Davis went through many variations, and concepts with RevBuilders before settling upon the final identity. RevBuilders, then fully completed the re-branding process by designing and developing a new website, promotional materials, and in office resources for their patients. When launched, the new website took on the existing SEO properties and rankings already established previously by RevBuilders.

  • Results.

    Dr. Davis and his practice still use the established, and unique visual identity. Their site still ranks high organically, and their practice continues to grow and evolve.

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November 14th 2018

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November 14th 2018

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