St. Germain Catering.

Case Study.

  • Challenge.

    With more customers searching and ordering online, Saint Germain Catering wanted to increase their website traffic and convert that traffic into orders. They knew they needed to update their website content and implement email promotions but weren’t sure where to start. "

  • Solution.

    St. Germain came to RevBuilders for premier digital marketing solutions. Following intensive keyword research, we were able to identify the right keywords needed for both organic and paid strategies. We then developed a content strategy and reorganized the paid search campaign to be better optimized, including the use of negative keywords to reduce wasted spending.

  • Results.

    The results were fast and exceeded expectations. In three months organic traffic was up by 43 percent compared to the preceding three months. Organic goals and conversions were up 42 percent and paid goals and conversions, 51 percent. In addition paid traffic, revenue and conversion rate was up by 37, 30 and 10.20 percent respectively.

    Today, St. Germain Catering continues to thrive and benefit from the marketing approaches implemented with RevBuilders.

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